mr flippy the lucky spatula

mr flippy the lucky spatula

This might not really matter or be relevant to this blog, but I suffer from major anxiety and OCD, and Arthur is the thing that sees me through. After watching "April 9th" again, the part with Mr. Read talking to Arthur about Grandma Thora's car accident and how he said at the end, "She came home just fine." It really reassures me that even if I don't do my OCD habits, everything with be okay <3

ah, your story totally matters! stories like this are why i love running this blog :> that scene is particularly poignant, and ocd can be really hard to manage, so i’m glad to hear that it helps you! keep on keepin’ on, my friend! 

Buster's Back

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hey all! i’d just like to thank you so much for signal boosting this post from a few days ago. every like and reblog helped a great deal, and an especially big thanks to the people who commissioned me! your support means so so much to me, i can’t even express it! thank you!! :D

Can You Do DW The Comeback Queen Screencaps? Thanks

i’ll add it to the list, yes! :>