also, regarding that commission post: would any of you be interested in arthur-style commissions?

like, you give me some reference and i draw ‘em how they might look if they lived in Elwood City? like this’un here (except better):


so what do y’all think? yes? no? maybe so?



i’m headin’ off to japan for a few weeks which is super exciting! but i’ve also been seeing a few doctors and having tests run and that’s cut into my budget a lot more than expected, so on top of travel expenses i got doctor’s bills to pay as well. so i could really use your help!

for the next ten days i’m offerin’ $15 headshot commissions of you, your oc, your homestuck fantroll, your fursona/gemsona/ponysona, ANYTHING YOU WANT.

if you’re interested, just send me a message at mossushi(at)! it’d mean a lot to me if you could signal boost n’ spread the word! 

thank you!! :D

reblogging here because i’m desperate, aha

hey, peeps, i’d appreciate it a lot if you could check this out and signal boost it! thanks so much!!

The "And Now a Word from Us Kids" segments from early seasons freak me out because they're us now.

O: yeah!

I’VE HAD A FEW PEOPLE tell me that they or someone they knew were on the Word From Us Kids segment! which is really cool! and it’s also like… oh my god… let’s see how far you’ve come… 

Have you ever played "Deus Ex: Human Revolution?" There are several voices you'll recognize - Mr Ratburn's VA plays Hugh Darrow, Binky's VA plays Taggart, and Francine's VA plays some background NPC women.

i haven’t played it :O but i will check it out just to suss those voices, yes!

Can you do episode 235, never never never? I love your screen caps!

thank you! and certainly :>